Trellis’ unique Small Group and Individual Millennial Coaching Program is designed specifically for women and their organizations and can help attract and retain this talent pool, crucial to ensuring competitive advantage, healthy margins and sustainability in the workplace of tomorrow.

In twelve, one-hour, monthly video conference sessions, small group participants will hear from our experts on topics geared to help millennial women navigate and succeed in the workplace. Discussion based and interactive, the Trellis team will provide mentoring, coaching and real-world information and solutions to guide younger women in their personal journey to climb, achieve, lead and thrive. Participants will have the opportunity to build relationships and network within, and outside, their coaching group. Individual coaching on these topics is also available for a more personalized focus.

Session One: Building Your Brand and Positioning Yourself
Session Two: Creating Your Own Board of Directors (Mentoring/Sponsorship)
Session Three: Networking/Business Development (internal)
Session Four: Networking/Business Development (external)
Session Five: Managing Your Manager
Session Six: Navigating Gender Bias
Session Seven: Workplace Dynamics and Communications
Session Eight: Career Advancement/Opportunities
Session Nine: Maximizing Confidence
Session Ten: Addressing Work/Life Integration Issues
Session Eleven: Time Management in the Digital Age
Session Twelve: Defining Success in Today’s Workplace/World

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