Achieving success requires deliberate strategy and structure. Only then can an organization create an inclusive environment that allows for future growth. Let our diverse talent management “from the ground up” approach and our process of creating collaborative cultures help you to maximize people and profitability.



Attraction: attracting the most varied candidates is key to creating a diverse organization.

Trellis can help you pre-seed a cultural appeal through…

  • Candidate Pipeline Development
  • Creation of Neutral Job Descriptions
  • Recruitment and Sourcing Strategies
  • Non-Biased Interviewing Techniques
  • Development of Organizational Interviewing Manual
  • Interviewer Training
  • Candidate Alignment Assessments

Retention: retaining your best diverse talent is crucial to organizational sustainability and success.

Trellis can help you root awareness and assimilation through…

  • Implementation of Neutral Evaluation Processes
  • Use of Performance Feedback Loops
  • Career Mapping and Development
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Targeted Education and Training Programs
  • Employee Engagement and Resources

Progression: stakeholders want and need to see a supported path of equal access to leadership positions in the organizations in which they work.

Trellis can help you instill a climate for stakeholder growth through…

  • Development and Deployment of Egalitarian Promotion Attributes
  • Gaining and Maintaining Visibility Curricula
  • Guided Business Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Sponsorship Programs
  • Differentiated Coaching

Succession: as generations shift, every organization needs its own plan to leverage diversity for future sustainability.

Trellis can help you cultivate an ecosystem of inclusion and collaboration through…

  • Embedding your Organizational ethos, pathos, logos
  • Education of Stakeholders/Management
  • Personal/professional growth and development
  • Bi-directional stakeholder engagement: value, respect, work-life integration
  • Team Building and Composition
  • Top-Down accountability and incentive programs