Millennial Women Coaching Program

Trellis Overview

Trellis positions forward focused organizations for competitive advantage, high performance and sustainability through diversity and inclusion.

We help organizations build a high trust culture that fosters safe and inclusive workplaces, where talent is nurtured to create high performance teams, driven to succeed…

What We Know

Diverse, inclusive organizations produce more innovative ideas, achieve better bottom lines and create more engaged and loyal employees. 

To truly drive growth, organizations need to embed and maintain a transparent, collaborative and inclusive culture.

Your employees are your greatest assets – as future leaders of your organization. Every employee has unique work styles, values, experiences, perspectives, thinking and talents.

Let us help you leverage these differences today – to become the sought-after workplace of tomorrow.

Powerful Solutions

We help stakeholders climb, achieve, lead and thrive so your organization can.


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Fast Facts

People perform best when they feel valued, empowered, and respected by their peers. Neurological research compiled by David Rock and others shows that our most productive, innovative, and collaborative times at work happen when we feel like we are a part of the team.

– Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte

Building an inclusive culture takes a vibrant mix of initiatives encompassing leadership development, onboarding programs to minimize risk of early departure by new diverse leaders, and meaningful advancement opportunities and succession plans that are visible and well communicated.

– BESmith

Research indicates to achieve true and lasting change, companies need to create an ecosystem of measures and sustain it over time. The ecosystem includes CEO commitment, individual development programs for women, and collective enablers such as key performance indicators and human resources processes.

– McKinsey & Company