Support and resources to ensure change.

A successful initiative is a multi-faceted one that removes barriers and replaces them with practical tools and programs. Trellis’ programming is uniquely designed to support women from Climber (in business less than 10 years), to Achiever (in business 10-25 years), to Leader (in business more than 25 years), in a multi-phase, comprehensive platform. Each program is approximately an hour and a half and incorporates real-life scenarios, interactive discussion and practical takeaways that can be utilized in the changing business world. Programming can also be customized to address specific issues facing your company.

Communication: These multiple sessions focus on unconscious bias, getting a seat at the table and sharpening your negotiation skills.

New Business: Learn about basic networking, spiderweb networking, making rain and trust building. Learn the difference between marketing and selling. Learn to affect the bottom line with results-driven activities and savvy tips and tricks to set you apart.

Marketing: Marketing raises brand awareness. Build your brand and elevate yourself and your firm.

Sponsorship: Explore the difference between a mentor and a sponsor, how to identify the right sponsor and navigate issues relating to alliances with men.

Empire Building: In these sessions, you’ll learn to sharpen your skills needed to run the meeting, obtain strategic board positions, master the ask, and maximize the talents and abilities that make women great leaders.

Starting a women’s initiative: Designed for board members and C-suite management, these sessions focus exclusively on integrating a women’s initiative into the organization’s strategic plan, changing corporate culture, developing measurable goals and addressing issues of attracting and retaining women.