Trellis has devised a five step process to enable your company to realize maximum value from a comprehensive gender diversity and inclusion initiative. Whether you want to launch a new initiative or jump-start an existing one, working in conjunction with your diversity team, Trellis’ customized, all-encompassing approach will support your success.

Step 1:

Meeting and Discussion

Trellis will have a series of face-to-face meetings with your company’s point-person(s) responsible for the gender diversity initiative (whether you have an existing initiative or want to start one) to discuss what is currently in place, what works and what goals should be set. Trellis also will meet with senior leadership to discuss, among other things, the six factors that must be in place to create a successful initiative and the Trellis Value Proposition.



Step 3:

Creating Your Customized Program

Based on the results of your assessment, Trellis will create customized, substantive programming for your company. Trellis will analyze your company’s specific strategic and business goals and design a complimentary gender diversity and inclusion program around those goals so that your diversity initiative will help drive overall corporate success. If business development is your focus, for example, Trellis can create a series of specialized sessions on marketing, making rain and networking to meet your company’s needs. Each program will be evaluated after it is presented.


Step 4:

Integrating Events, Marketing and PR

Trellis will incorporate internal and external structured networking, signature events and philanthropic endeavors to create a complete program and connect to the overall corporate strategy of using a comprehensive initiative to create value.

Trellis will also support your efforts to maximize the return on investment by generating internal engagement and external acclaim for the work you are doing to create a culture of gender diversity and inclusion. Targeted marketing and public relations programs are designed and implemented to create internal commitment and engagement and enhance external corporate reputation as an innovative leader in the gender diversity and inclusion space.


Step 5:

Evaluating Progress

Every program will be evaluated against the goals and benchmarks that were set at the beginning of the engagement. While change takes time, every year Trellis will evaluate the progress and assess the value that is created by the gender diversity initiative that has been put into action to ensure that value is always maximized.