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Trellis is a comprehensive, strategic services partner to corporations and professional service firms that develops and integrates substantive, customized gender inclusion initiatives in order to provide and maximize value. Through detailed, data-driven and small group assessments, Trellis analyzes specific strategic and business goals and designs complimentary gender diversity programs for all levels to drive overall corporate success. Trellis also integrates networking and signature events, incorporates internal and external marketing/PR efforts and provides support and creative ideas to the organization’s gender diversity initiative team.

The Trellis Team has been actively involved in numerous women’s professional groups for over 20 years. Our award-winning executives speak on panels regarding gender inclusion issues and serve on various boards. We have created a women’s networking group in Philadelphia and currently spearhead a thriving women’s leadership initiative for a global organization. Even the best corporate gender diversity and inclusion initiatives benefit from additional support and new programming. Trellis can supplement your existing initiative or act as an outsourcing solution for your programming needs.